Toasty Trivia

Whacky facts about toast

1. In order to make wine less acidic, the Romans would put toasted bread crumbs into the mix. This led to salutes and cheers that involved drinking being referred to as "toasts."

2. Medieval tableware was made of old bread.

3. Before electricity, trying to make toast production easier was like trying to make the next big phone app.

4. There was once a pocket toasting fork that extended much like an antennae when the sudden urge for toast arose.

5. The first electric toaster was as safe as George Bluth Sr.'s Cornballer.

6. An old Italian belief that copulating in wheat fields increased fertility led to the saying "she's got a bun in the oven."

7. Dark Vader likes his toast a little on the dark side.

8. Astronauts top their toast with space jam.

9. Terry tried to decide what to put on his toast and then it popped out at him.

10. If you cross Chuck Norris, you're toast.

Want more toasty trivia?

Since the applications of toast are endless, so is the trivia. A simple Google search will probably give you more than enough trivia about toast, but go right ahead if this page failed to give you enough.